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New Server

I was doing a lousy job of maintaining and it fell into disarray. I’ve moved everything over to a new server and hope to restore everything up here before pinging everyone in the family asking for the latest information on reunions / family news / etc.

We have most of the original site up, plus a few more photo galleries and information from past reunions. Just checking out all the pieces and then we’ll let everyone know about it.


Welcome to!

Welcome to the Buenting family homepage! This is the home for the descendants of Heinrich Buenting (1873-1943) and Ollie Hanssen (1879-1973), though if other Buentings are interested, it may expand.  As of June, ’08, we’re just starting to layout what the site will actually look like, so give us a few days/weeks to figure it all out (and perhaps, for someone more eloquent than I to write some information!).